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11/19 wbkb at Coast Guard W, 61-49
11/19 mbkb at Hood W, 100-82
11/18 mbkb vs. Chris. Newport L, 80-78
11/15 wbkb at St. Mary's (Md.) W, 60-41

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11/26 wbkb vs. Salisbury 2:00 PM
11/27 mbkb at DeSales 6:00 PM
12/02 at Ursinus Bowtie Classic
12/02 s&d at Yellow Jacket Invitational
12/02 mbkb at Drew 2:00 PM

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11/19 mbkb vs. New Jersey City L, 76-72
11/18 mbkb vs. Brooklyn W, 97-87
11/18 wbkb vs. Widener W, 81-58
11/18 msoc vs. Brandeis L, 1-0
11/17 wbkb vs. Wilson W, 67-43

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11/21 wbkb vs. Penn St.-Berks 6:00 PM
11/21 mbkb vs. Vermont Tech 8:00 PM
11/26 wbkb at Wesleyan (Conn.) 2:00 PM
11/29 mbkb vs. Wilkes 7:00 PM
12/02 mbkb vs. Catholic 2:00 PM

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11/19 wbkb at Franklin & Marshall L, 70-62
11/18 mbkb vs. Wilkes L, 86-75
11/18 wbkb vs. Stevens W, 72-63
11/15 mbkb at Stevenson L, 90-87
11/15 wbkb at Haverford L, 62-58

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11/21 s&d at Lebanon Valley 6:00 p.m.
11/21 mbkb at Lebanon Valley 7:30 PM
11/22 wbkb at Lebanon Valley 5:00 PM
11/28 mbkb at Haverford 8:00 PM
11/29 s&d at Cabrini 6:00 p.m.

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11/19 mbkb vs. Washington College L, 80-58
11/18 mbkb vs. Salisbury L, 92-50
11/18 wbkb vs. Hood L, 69-49
11/17 wbkb vs. Washington College L, 75-36
11/15 mbkb vs. Wilson L, 67-63

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11/21 mbkb at Loyola (Md.) 7:00 PM
11/21 wbkb vs. Alvernia 7:00 PM
11/26 wbkb at Rutgers-Newark 1:00 PM
11/29 wbkb at Delaware Valley 6:00 PM
11/29 mbkb at Eastern 8:00 PM

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11/18 mbkb vs. LaGrange W, 76-65
11/18 wbkb vs. Bridgewater (Va.) W, 67-55
11/17 wbkb at Randolph-Macon W, 65-62
11/17 mbkb vs. Mt. Aloysius W, 93-62
11/15 wbkb at Dickinson W, 58-42

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11/21 mbkb at Wash. & Jeff. 7:00 PM
11/25 wbkb at St. Vincent 2:00 PM
11/26 mbkb vs. Alvernia 2:00 PM
11/27 wbkb vs. Frostburg St. 7:00 PM
11/29 wbkb at Misericordia 5:30 PM

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11/19 wbkb at Lebanon Valley W, 69-63
11/18 wbkb vs. Eastern W, 67-38
11/18 mbkb vs. Bridgewater (Va.) W, 96-89
11/17 mbkb vs. Hunter W, 88-50
11/15 mbkb vs. Muhlenberg W, 95-74

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11/21 wbkb at DeSales 6:05 PM
11/21 mbkb at DeSales 8:00 PM
11/28 wbkb at FDU-Florham 7:00 PM
11/29 mbkb at Delaware Valley 7:00 PM
11/30 wbkb vs. Wilkes 7:00 PM

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11/18 wbkb at Wilkes W, 78-43
11/18 mbkb vs. York (Pa.) L, 84-70
11/17 mbkb vs. Penn St.-Berks W, 78-63
11/17 wbkb vs. King's (Pa.) W, 64-52

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11/21 wbkb vs. Marywood 7:00 PM
11/21 mbkb at Widener 7:30 PM
11/25 mbkb vs. King's (Pa.) 3:00 PM
11/26 mbkb vs. Wilkes 3:00 PM
11/27 wbkb vs. Neumann 7:00 PM

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11/19 wbkb vs. Thiel W, 74-55
11/18 wbkb vs. Penn St.-Berks W, 68-53
11/18 mbkb vs. Rowan L, 88-72
11/17 mbkb vs. King's (Pa.) L, 93-89
11/15 mbkb vs. Bethany (W.V.) W, 75-73

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11/21 mbkb at Lycoming 7:00 PM
11/26 wbkb vs. Lycoming 4:00 PM
11/29 wbkb at King's (Pa.) 7:00 PM
11/29 mbkb at Misericordia 7:30 PM
11/30 s&d vs. Total Performance Sports Camps Invitational

Landmark Rewind with Catholic's Bryson Fonville

Landmark Rewind with Catholic's Bryson Fonville

TOWSON, Md. - The Landmark Conference has produced talented student-athletes, and is proud of its alumni. Celebrating the 10th year anniversary as a conference, the Landmark is catching up with some of its alumni, and will be featured each month in the "Landmark Rewind." This week the conference catches up with Bryson Fonville, two-time Landmark champion and former men's basketball student-athlete at Catholic.

Fonville was drafted by the Texas Legends in the fifth round of the NBDL Draft. The Legends are an affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks.

Q. Why did you choose The Catholic University of America?

I chose to attend Catholic University because it allowed me to not only have a chance to get a great education, but also the opportunity to play basketball and enjoy the perks of living in Washington, DC. 

Q. What did you study at Catholic?

I studied Business Management.

Q. When was the last time you were back on campus? What are some of the biggest changes you have noticed?

I was at Catholic this last October for homecoming. I noticed the new turf at the stadium, but the biggest difference for me was the loss of longtime equipment director Franny Murray, who passed away last year after working for Catholic for 70 years. He was always the basketball teams biggest supporter and I played every game on the court in the Dufour Center that is named after him. For him to no longer be with us was a big change.

Q. How did you get started competing in basketball?

I started playing when I was very young and was just always in the gym. My older sister decided she wanted to play basketball, so I always had a ball in my hand during her practices and games. 

Q. What is your favorite memory as a student-athlete?

Definitely the two Landmark Conference Championship games I won while at Catholic. There is no better feeling than climbing the ladder after the game to go cut the nets.

Q. What are some of the lessons you learned as an athlete that you think have helped you succeed in life after college?

I think it would be to always try to stay at an even level...not to high, not to low. Things could always be worse, and you can always find something to get better at. Everything in life is a process. 

Q. What do you do for a living?

I am proud to say that I am a professional basketball player. The Dallas Mavericks' affiliate, the Texas Legends, drafted me in the fifth round of the NBDL Draft.

Q. What do you like most about what you do?

I love everything about it. I get paid to do the thing I've always loved and wanted to do. 

Q. What is your proudest professional accomplishment?

Just to have made it as far as I have. It's a really tough process to navigate and everyone doesn't get the opportunity, so it's a blessing just to still be able to play basketball. 

Q. What advice can you give current student-athletes?

Just to always work hard. No matter what field of work you go into; always be fully invested in it and give it your best. 

Q. If there was a movie made about your life, who would you want to play you?

A young Marlon Wayans. The Wayans Brothers is one of my favorite tv shows.

Q. If you were stranded on an island, what is one thing you would want with you?

I would want a device that can play music. Music always keeps me calm and helps me think. 

To follow Fonville's journey with the Texas Legends, click here.

Upcoming Games

Nov 21 7:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at Loyola (Md.)
Nov 21 7:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at Lycoming
Nov 21 7:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at Wash. & Jeff.
Nov 21 7:30 PM
Men's Basketball
at Widener
Nov 21 7:30 PM
Men's Basketball
at Lebanon Valley
Nov 21 8:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at DeSales
Nov 21 8:00 PM
Men's Basketball
Vermont Tech
at Drew
Nov 25 3:00 PM
Men's Basketball
King's (Pa.)
at Scranton
Nov 26 2:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at Juniata
Nov 26 3:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at Scranton
Nov 27 6:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at DeSales
Nov 28 8:00 PM
Men's Basketball
at Haverford

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